Wilder Voice Press is Oberlin College's student-run press, best-known for its publication of creative nonfiction and long-form journalism. Wilder Voice was founded in 2005. We also publish chapbooks, artist's books, and other literary mania. We even plan events.

We welcome questions, comments, criticisms, curio, postcards, etc. You can reach Wilder Voice by email at contact@wildervoice.org or by snail mail to Wilder Box 43, 135 West Lorain Street, Oberlin, OH 44074.

Nolan Boomer : Editor-in-chief ;
Margaret Kijinski : Managing Editor ;
Lydia Moran : Senior Associate Editor ;
Ellie Tremayne : Senior Art & Layout Editor ;
Izzy Calvin-Smith : Associate Art & Layout Editor ;
Cate Battey, Avery Cohen, Sam Morrow, Olivia Pandolfi, Wyatt Kroopf and Juliet Wayne : Associate Editors ;
Paolo Yumol : Associate Poetry & Fiction Editor ;
Anna Ballan, Fiona Doherty, Keara Scallan, Max Van Cooper and Leah Barber : Assistant Editors ;
Emily Kennedy, Walter Gordon & Carla Yengo-Kahn : Editors Emeriti.

If you are interested in joining the staff of Wilder Voice or Wilder Voice Press you can reach us at contact@wildervoice.org. Below are links to PDF files of our past issues.


Volume 11, Issue 21
Spring 2016

Includes: A history of the Volkswagen Beetle, the life of Suzanne Cesaire, a meditation on the Migrant Crisis in Germany, a lyric essay on the Dark Night of the Soul, the exotic animal escape of Zanesville, a personal connection to Flint, and addiction recovery.

Featuring writing by: Nolan Boomer, Rewa Bush, Juliet Wayne, Olivia Pandolfi, Lydia Moran, Nora Kipnis, Simon Beer, Grayson Brower, Becca Orleans, Mia Rosenberg, Rex Fortgana, and Wyatt Kroopf

Volume 11, Issue 20
Winter 2015

Includes: Mexico-US border history, death tourism in Germany, the workers unions of Oberlin, diaglogues on gender identity on campus, the intersection race and enviornmental justice, information on unnecessary Cesarean sections and gestures in the digital age.

Featuring writing by: Hannah Gold, Lauren Crawford, Matias Berretta, Juliet Wayne, S. Maxwell Van Cooper, Christopher Kennedy, Christina Ruggiero-Corliss, Noah Margulis, Gbolahan Adeola, Jessi Gaston, Dana Fang, Orly Vermes, Ava Prince and Miles Ginoza

For It Is All Boundaries: On Crowds
Fall 2015

A double-sided fold-out poster on newsprint, featuring diagrams and text by Nolan Boomer and Paolo Yumol on crowd dynamics.

Volume 10, Issue 19
Spring 2015

Includes: The state of sex education, the spatial politics of Copenhagen, the Dirty Wars, Oberlin's feral cats, Mexican-American food politics, reactions to Milton, and a photo-interview with survivors of the genocide in Guatemala.

Featuring writing by: Nate-Bohm-Levine, Sam Morrow, Jackson Evans, Austin Cope, Maxwell Van Cooper, Asher Kaplan, Nancy Lee Roane, Elena Jackendoff, Jasmine Lomax, Sarah Maccabee, Sarah Knapp, Madison Clapp, Izzie Levinson, Charlotte Ahlin, Yvette Chen, Nora Kipnis, and Beatrice Collison

Limb by Limb
Winter 2014

A chapbook of modular poetry by Dana Fang, Saksham Khosla, and Slade Gottlieb

Volume 10, Issue 18
Fall 2014

Includes: Marginalia, flooding in Oberlin, alcoholism recovery, a critique of Jeffrey Sachs, the history of American playgrounds, and a personal response to the Aeneid

Featuring writing by: Hannah Gold, Mia K. Dawson, Shelby Lorman, Owain Heyden, Samuel Breakstone Tunick, Maxwell Van Cooper, John West, Cate Battey, Ellen Giddings, Eli Dalven, Nolan Boomer, Orly Vermes, Tristan Dylan Cimini, Alana Reibstein, Luisa Levine, Wyatt Kroopf, Nat Marcus, Ryan Murphy, Srijit Ghosh, and Lauren Crawford

Volume 9, Issue 17
Spring 2014

Includes: Oculus Rift, Reverend James Lawson, pyramid schemes, neurolaw, Oberlin College's Board of Trustees, selfies, female masking, violence in athletics, Israeli identity, and more.

Featuring writing by: Nora Kipnis, Steve Quam, Eli Wright, Olivia Schwartzman, Sarah Lomax, Gabe Marx, Wyatt Kroopf, Hadas Binyamini, Nolan Boomer, Alec Mapes-Frances, Elizabeth Kuhr, and Rachel Weinstein

Volume 9, Issue 16
Fall 2013

Includes: bounty hunters, loss in New Orleans, coincidences, personal connection with pornography, urban farming in Detroit, abortion, sound installations, a long-form comic about an archeological dig, and more.

Featuring writing by: Nick Kuipers, Jack Brewer, Mark P. Allain, Sarah Lomax, Carla Yengo-Kahn, Julia Brennan, Madeleine Aquilina, Abby Collier, Adam Hirsch, James Scott, Walter Gordon, and Max Cohn