Wilder Voice is Oberlin College's magazine for creative nonfiction and long-form journalism. Wilder Voice was founded in 2005 under the name The Journal of Proper Thought. We also publish several short dispatches, one faculty submission, one piece of fiction, and a smattering of poetry.

We welcome questions, comments, criticisms, curio, postcards, etc. You can reach Wilder Voice by email at contact@wildervoice.org or by snail mail to Wilder Box 43, 135 West Lorain Street, Oberlin, OH 44074.

Carla Yengo-Kahn : Editor-in-chief ;
Nolan Boomer : Managing Editor ;
Meredith Bloom : Senior Associate Editor ;
Max Merrill : Senior Art & Layout Editor ;
Ellie Tremayne : Associate Art & Layout Editor ;
Margaret Kijinski, Wyatt Kroopf, Sam Morrow, Brent Shaeffer : Associate Editors ;
Paolo Yumol : Associate Poetry & Fiction Editor ;
Avery Cohen, Fiona Doherty, Noah Margulis, Avery Owings, Rachel Weinstein : Assistant Editors ;
Sasha T. Jones, Emily Kennedy & Walter Gordon : Editor Emeriti.

If you are interested in joining the staff of Wilder Voice or Wilder Voice Press you can reach us at contact@wildervoice.org. Below are links to PDF files of our past issues.

Volume 9, Issue 17
Spring 2014

Includes: Oculus Rift, Reverend James Lawson, pyramid schemes, neurolaw, Oberlin College's Board of Trustees, selfies, female masking, violence in athletics, Israeli identity, and more.

Featuring writing by: Nora Kipnis, Steve Quam, Eli Wright, Olivia Schwartzman, Sarah Lomax, Gabe Marx, Wyatt Kroopf, Hadas Binyamini, Nolan Boomer, Alec Mapes-Frances, Elizabeth Kuhr, and Rachel Weinstein

Volume 9, Issue 16
Fall 2013

Includes: bounty hunters, loss in New Orleans, coincidences, personal connection with pornography, urban farming in Detroit, abortion, sound installations, a long-form comic about an archeological dig, and more.

Featuring writing by: Nick Kuipers, Jack Brewer, Mark P. Allain, Sarah Lomax, Carla Yengo-Kahn, Julia Brennan, Madeleine Aquilina, Abby Collier, Adam Hirsch, James Scott, Walter Gordon, and Max Cohn